Translation and Language Services

Unlike any other translation and language agency, IELTC provides a unique and special translation and language service to overseas students who cannot communicate to solve their daily activities or those who need someone private and confidential to support them about health, education, legal and life issues. We can provide you with face to face services or over the phone consultations.

Our services can start early morning and we can provide services until 9pm.

IELTC is the only professional translation agency for students to provide online and face to face services. The combination of our in-house language expertise, our user friendly client platform and native speaking translators makes us a reliable business partner for your multilingual communication. We specialise in producing results that are entirely customised to your needs.

Ever since our launch we have been striving to break down language barriers

We achieve this communication on a global level by using smart
technology which works in your favour as well as ours. This does not only make
our method unique, it also ensures our agency has profound knowledge of the translation
processes. This means we have automated several time consuming parts of the
translation process.

IELTC only uses native and experienced Arabic academic
professionals for our English to Arabic translations.

Our translators come from different countries so we can provide a translator
for most arabic dialects (Classical Arabic, Saudi, Iraqi, Egyptian, Algerian,
Tunisian, Moroccan and Modern Standard), and we specialise in different areas
of translation necessary for students, to deliver the best results for our

We also make sure the formatting is correct, providing a final Arabic translation
of the highest quality